Madi Al-Hajri Co. will maintain a rigorous loss prevention program aiming to prevent human distress and financial loss. Our safety program does not introduce any standard lower than those

in the Saudi ARAMCO program but allows of adaptation to meet local requirements and conditions.

Moreover, this safety program is a supplement to the Saudi ARAMCO construction safety manual detailing the safety procedure will adopt.

To achieve this objective, we aim to promote a safe working environment by educating and training the workforce to regard safety as important as production, cost and quantity of work.

Proper facilities and standards will provide to assist our people to maintain the safety requirements.

Safety is an integral part of our daily activities and is a concern for us. The Establishment is confident that employees at all levels will support and enforce our loss prevention program.

Only properly qualified personnel shall employ for the job. New employees and inexperienced persons may employ, providing their given adequate training and adequately supervised enable them to gain job knowledge and experience. Only when considered qualified for the job may persons be permitted to work without constant supervision.

The various Safety precepts described in the following chapters will strictly observed and any violation will viewed seriously. Those who are not observing safety regulations will remove from the job site.

We strictly adhere to follow this manual to ensure safe working condition. If we found anyone violates these regulations, they will seriously punish and will be remove from the job site at once.

We also ensure that our Sub-contractors to fulfill all the requirements of Saudi ARAMCO Loss Prevention Plan and time to time we strictly check them and make sure they follow the procedures.

Therefore, we hereby pledge our acceptance that we will strictly implement the loss prevention program, S.A.G. Rules and regulations and Saudi ARAMCO Loss prevention requirements to avoid any kind of loss to Saudi ARAMCO officials, the public and our employees.